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Administration and Handling

Lost and Found Software is designed to reduce the administrative workload, while improving service and increasing the return rate and customer satisfaction.

  • Minimize Return Time
  • Improve Accessibility
  • Control Costs
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The Lost and Found Software simplifies the administration and handling of lost and found items and associated customer inquiries. Our system improves accessibility and security of information – available online 24/7 – and automatically matches found items with inquiries.

found and lost software  found and lost software  found and lost software

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Image Recognition

Adding image recognition to the Lost and Found Software enables customer service to automate the registration of found items with extremely high quality – in real time.

Our unique AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven image recognition system automatically identifies the type of found item, color and location where the item was found. Even details such as brand, serial numbers or info on IDs can be recognized.

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How to choose the best Lost and Found Software Your customers are used to modern standards.
Be sure to choose the best solution for your company and customer service.

Lost and Found is our Core Business!

The Lost and Found Software is designed to significantly decrease your organization’s workload
– increase your service capabilities while improving customer success at the same time!

Lost and Found as a Service

Industry leaders in aviation, public transportation, hospitality and more are already using our Lost and Found Software to have an edge over their competition – don't get left behind, become an innovation leader yourself!

We offer you the most innovative leading most advanced easiest slickest best Lost and Found experience worldwide!

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