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Cost Driver or Profit Center

There are different approaches lost and found solution providers have taken. Does your software provider offer you a revenue sharing model to reward you for successful returns? Do they add additional fees on top of your customers for the return of an item? Be sure to choose the best solution for your company revenue and customer service. Turn your lost and found into a profit and customer retention center!

A professional and innovative Lost and Found Software
should entail the following:


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Lost & Found

SMS Notification

Aside from email and the chat, Software users can also communicate with customers by sending them SMS from within the Software. SMS communication is especially preferable in time sensitive situations where you can't reach the customer via call (e.g. airport staff returning a passport to the passenger who is still at the terminal).

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Image Recognition

Image recognition technology automatically identifies details of the found item. Details include type of item, brand, serial numbers and more. Even info on IDs can be recognized via text recognition.

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DIY Safebags

The Safebag functionality allows you to create your very own safebags in seconds and on demand! Easy and without additional any costs.
All you need are envelops or plastic seal bags for just a few pennies. Then use your own printer to print the IDs directly from the system with any label printer. DONE – but it doesn’t stop there!
The App’s Image Recognition allows you to register the item and the integrated barcode at the same time! The system connects the Item with the barcode ID. Registration is automatically done in seconds! All necessary information (Staff, Date and Time, even Location) is also automatically registered with a single photo.

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Smart Matching powered by Machine Learning

Automated Smart Matching of found items and customer inquiries by the software reduces the workload immensely. Manual checking becomes obsolete and staff can concentrate on increasing their return rate even more. Future proof lost and found solutions learn to self-improve over time, e.g. via machine learning. Each match should be based on multiple factors (date, name, brand, location, serial number, etc.). The results are then best displayed to authorised users and tagged with a percentage that expresses the likelihood of a successful match

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Customer Self-Service

Not every piece of information is always readily at hand. In order to go easy on company resources and enable the fastest edit of inquiries, customers should be able to add or change information independently from the comfort of their homes.

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Chat Communication

Integrated customer communication modules or chat systems enable quick manual authentication of matched items and owners. That means easy communication without having to make use of emails, phone calls or even letters because everything can be managed from within your software.

Multiple Shipment Providers

Customers are happier if they have a say in the return process. A modern lost and found solution realizes this desire and has the capacity to include multiple shipment providers and services for the customer to choose from. It is then ultimately up to the company which services it wants to make available.

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Multiple Payment Provider

If it is the owners that cover the return shipment and handling costs, they have the choice between multiple PCI DSS compliant payment providers such as Credit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay, AliPay, Google Pay, WeChat Pay, and more.

Doesn’t overcharge customers on shipment

Your customers know how to check and compare international shipping costs. It is therefore important to keep pricing on shipments within common parameters. Make sure your lost and found service doesn’t make additional charges on top of the shipping costs!

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Easy Usability

There are certain standards web users have acquired over the past decades. Usability, familiarity, intuitive look and feel for both employees and customers are important factors to ensure use is pleasant und efficient.

Measuring Lost and Found Success

It is important to have important metrics at hand in order to measure how your lost and found process is doing and if adjustments should be considered to increase your success rate. The focus of these reports is to conveniently bring together all of the success metrics throughout your entire account.

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Main Entries and Subentries or Inquiries (one case with multiple items)

Not everyone’s priorities are the same. While some may be searching for a bag they’ve lost, others may be specifically be looking for some of the content (laptop, wallet, jewelry, …). Your lost and found solution needs to be able to consider these variations. How? By associating “main” items such as a backpack and associate “sub” items within the backpack. A smart solution also factors the constellations into the Smart Matching process.

Holistic Network

Most people don’t know where they lost something. That means once something goes missing, they’ll have to contact multiple locations. Continuously. Connecting you to a holistic network for misplaced items is the best way to reduce inquiries at your venue as well as to refer customers to the actual place their item was found most swiftly and seamlessly.

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Complete History for Each Action

An extensive history for each entry allows for complete tracking of all changes made, who made them and when. Keeping complete oversight on these details is a main cornerstone for smooth lost and found process.

Fraud Detection

Has jewelry gone missing? Have the value of items changed? Your modern solution helps prevent fraud with algorithms that detect and log these changes for authorized users to review.

Paperless with Digital Signatures

Paperless workflows are not only more efficient, but also more environmentally sustainable. By storing your documents digitally, you’ll reduce the clutter around your workplace as well as your use of paper.

Workflow and Task System

Your software should enable you to determine specific rules and procedures for certain found items and assign them to task lists. One example would be a workflow for found items (e.g. hand over passports to police) or a list of all stuffed toys for charity to a children’s hospital.

Charity/Auction System

The charity/auction module enables you to set up packages and export them as spreadsheets. After the auction or charity, all values can be just as easily imported again.

White Label Emails and Forms

Your company has spent time forming relationships with customers. Recognizability through your corporate design is a major part of sustaining that trust. A modern lost and found solution will be able to display your corporate design for both your customers as well as your staff.

Dynamic Categories, Documents, Software Fields

A dynamic lost and found solution allows you to generate individual documents for finders, owners, categories, software fields and more. Customization can be done by authorized users without having to involve the software developer.

Powerful User Role and Authorization Management

Different positions within an organization require specific user roles. Adding new users or changing the roles of existing users as well as their authorization should be part of the standard user management. Roles may include access to specific storage locations, read-only access, authorization to hand over items, etc.

Automated Value Determination

Depending on your location, it is often necessary to know the approximate worth of a found item in order to process it properly. Customer friendly lost and found software has APIs available to help determine the value of used items quickly.

Automatic Speech Recognition

Sometimes speech is easier than text, e.g. in positions that require constant movement. User friendly software takes these circumstances into account. The same is valid for customers filing a lost property report. Speech recognition enables these customers to file a report through a simple voice call, all thanks to our automated speech-to-text hotline.


Chatbots enable 24/7 direct customer service without straining any company resources. Customers receive immediate assistance reporting lost items, editing the details of their case or having their found items returned.

Software and App

Your lost and found solution accommodates distinct workstations. Employees can make use of either a full enterprise software (e.g. info desk) or a mobile app (e.g. on the field staff) in order to fulfill their respective responsibilities most effectively.

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GDPR Compliant

Your software needs to be able to process data of European Union residents. Make sure your solution uses personal data only in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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